Better app pricing tripled my earnings

On the AppStore, Apple offer us developers a choice of 87 different pricing tiers from $0.99 to $999.99.

I find a lot of app developers perhaps don’t put as much thought into the price of their apps as they should. Getting your app’s price right could make a huge difference to your revenue, and I’ve got the numbers to prove it.

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I sold my apps

In Febuary 2014, I sold Typograph, Teleprompter Pro, and the rest of the apps that I’ve published to Matt for a total sum of around $28,100.

Since I’ve sold my apps, I’ve spent time focusing my efforts on some new projects (including new apps), no doubt sure most of you will hear from me soon with a new product or app to shout about.

My best app was a failure

I had a great idea in my head to create an iPad app where users could import a photo, apply some cool filters, add blur effects and some creative retro-looking graphics or ‘stickers’ as I ended up naming them.

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How I got 52,000 subscribers in a year

There’s no doubt that a number of my successful app launches would have been completely different without the help of my ever growing list of subscribers.

My Teleprompter Pro version 2 launch success was entirely down to the size of my app audience.

It’s important to have a healthy and relevant list of subscribers as email continues to be a powerful marketing tool. Here’s how I built up my list of 52,000 iPad owners in just 12 months…

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Typograph 1.1 is now available

Designing for touch

So I’ve just finished designing the third version of my latest app, and I’ll be submitting it to the AppStore as soon as I can.

I thought I’d share some of the design rules I tried to stick to when designing for Typograph. I mostly created these rules myself, so don’t expect any real credibility behind them, but they worked nicely for me.

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Typograph: A week on the AppStore

So Typograph has been available on the store for a week now. How’s it doing?

Well firstly, I havent done any marketing for the app apart from telling a few guys at work and posting a shot on dribbble, so this launch has been largely silent.

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Launch day approaches

I know that strictly speaking the app has been on the store for a while now, but I’ve held-off all of my launch marketing for version 1.1.

I’m having new photography for the marketing materials this weekend, and I’m gearing up for what I’m hoping will be my biggest ever app launch.

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What to expect in Typograph 1.1

Encouraging in-app upgrades

So for Typograph version 1.1 and 1.2, I’ll be putting a lot of effort into encouraging user upgrades. It’s an awfully difficult job…

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